Last updated 4 months ago
  • An Akroma wallet with the required collateral amount.

    • Note: It is imperative to avoid managing this wallet on the masternode instance itself, as this opens up a security risk if your wallet is ever unlocked. See as an alternative.

  • Collateral amount for running a masternode is 5000 AKA.

    • Note: 5001 AKA is recommended as a minimum.

  • Dedicated computer or server instance running the Linux operating system with access to the internet.

    • Something tried and true like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, or an easily deployable flavor is recommended but not required.

    • In order to run the setup in this guide, your distro must use either yum or apt as it’s package manager and either have installed or allow for installation of systemd.

  • A static IP and open port between the range of 1024 and 65535 for your dedicated server.

    • The default port for listening on the masternode instance is 8545. You may choose to override this port in your deployment.

  • A Facebook, Twitter, Google or email address to sign up with.

  • CPU: Single Core

  • RAM: 1024 MB

  • Storage: 25 GB SSD